Welcome to Theories Of Life!

This site is for sharing knowledge, growing as a person, and overcoming difficulties. I write articles for you, and for me. I often spend a long time on each article, as I do research, reflect, and practice what I write before publishing. For you, the reader, I want to publish material of the highest quality.

My main interest is spiritual psychology and discovering the truths and mechanisms of life. My spiritual yearning started in my late teens, but after some idle time, my passion has been increasing the last few years, and is now of significant importance in my life. I believe that if we throughout life work to improve ourselves and change for the better, we will have a more enjoyable and happier life. Life is about change, inner change.

Personally, I’ve simplified my life and expenses to enable freedom and ability to travel large parts of the year. The average high income of Norway and lower cost countries makes this available for anyone who makes the effort. This winter 2012, I will be situated in India and Myanmar for a meditative journey.


-Morten Reitbakken