Life crisis – a gift for the soul?

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Why do life crisis happen to us? And for what purposes? The cause of the problem seems to come from outside of us, though in fact it mostly derives from our mind. That is why for the same situation, one may become collapsed while other remains calm. Good news is the more we find the situation a crisis, the more it benefits for our growth. How? [...] Continue reading

The Tree and The Woman


The tree, and the woman, two simple stories bring one wisdom message. Neither occupied by the fading past nor uncertain future, tree and human dwell in the present where vitality never ceases and peace is not something out of reach. [...] Continue reading

7 Ways to Nourish Romantic Relationships


How to enjoy love relationship? How to nourish love? Below are 7 suggestions which focus on the quality of mindfulness, compassion and selflessness. It depends on your ability to apply it at certain extent, no matter at which, it help to nurture love, and make you enjoy love more not only in the aspect of the happiness it brings but also in the aspect of opportunities it offers for your spiritual growth. [...] Continue reading

Magical India – Tiruvannamalai and Ramana Maharshi


Mount Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, India

Oh, how joyful I am! Being present in Tiruvannamalai, India, is and has been a great experience and influence on me. Home of the holy mountain Arunachala, insights come gracefully, [...] Continue reading

Journey of Souls – Book Review


“If death were the end of everything about us, then life indeed would be meaningless.” – Dr. Michael Newton. It makes sense! We are not here from nothing, and absolutely we cannot become nothing. Our being believe this is the truth. Though sometimes, as human, we doubt, we wonder: Is it really true? And if it is, what awaits us when life ends? If only we could know. [...] Continue reading

Why meditation is the best thing you can do


In our western culture, we are programmed to seek happiness by external means, by social status, wealth, a romantic partner etc. The problem with this is that it is short lived and never makes any lasting happiness. There are countless living examples of this – inner peace is lacking in our culture. Living a materialistic life, we become like gaping nestlings, waiting for something to fill us up, makes happy. Practicing meditation brings us peace from within. Happiness & love has its source from within you. If a personal practice that depends on nothing else can give you peace and fulfillment, it would naturally be a more clever thing to do than to chase it externally. [...] Continue reading

Burma – A spiritual land


The Buddha says the greatest donation one make is not to give material or worldly things, but to offer dharma which is the means to liberation, freedom. In this way, Burma is wealthy and generously giving to the world. It has temples whose doors always open to let you in and facilitate your practice. And outside the temple’s doors, the worldly atmosphere is not less favorable for your spiritual growth. [...] Continue reading

Vegetarianism and Health


While eating meat has been human’s habit for so long in history that many of us just keep doing without wondering why, vegetarian diet is increasingly revealing our awareness by firm scientific arguments on its benefits on health, environment, and even spirituality. Together with a bigger choice of tasty and nutritious plant-based food available all over the world, more than ever, going vegetarian is a healthy and reasonable choice. [...] Continue reading

How I became a vegetarian


Revising this story of mine, I feel that life is miracle, I am now 31 years old. During such a life time, my idea of vegetarian has made its journey to the spiritual station, and the journey is still being continued. I feel I have been doing the right thing, and besides that I have been lucky, blessed and supported. [...] Continue reading

The purpose of spiritual knowledge

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Humanity now, in its evolutionary state, has developed a complex mind. And with our complex mind, there are all sorts of dysfunctions coming with it. We have lost touch with being and our nature. We [...] Continue reading